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We have a variety of pond pumps including submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps(nonsubmersible), magnetic-drive pumps, waterfall pumps and fountain pumps.  Each type of pump serves a purpose for you.  Submersible pumps are out of sight and you can't hear them but may be inconvenient to access. (You may rarely need to do this, though.) Centrifugal pumps are usually larger pumps where one may need to access it frequently however, you may be able to hear the pump 'hum' and may not want it to be visible.  (They may be able to be covered by a fake rock cover to hide them.) Magnetic-drive pumps can be more energy efficient and come in smaller sizes usually less than 10,000 GPH.  Fountain pumps are usually referred to as fountains, floating fountains or fountain aerators which are technically floating pumps with a nozzle and some type of floating apparatus with optional light kits. 

Choose from a variety of pumps we offer.  We also have some helpful information on How to Choose a Pump and Types of Pumps available.