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Diffused Pond Aeration System

Diffused pond aerators provide oxygen throughout your entire pond, from the bottom to the top.  Our diffused pond aeration kits come with everything you need including an air compressor, tubing (weighted or poly), air diffuser(s) and required valves and fittings.  

Several of the aeration kits come in 115 volt or 220 volt and have the option of weighted or poly tubing.  Weighted tubing will sink to the bottom of the pond while poly tubing is cheaper and will float.  A lot of people choose the pond aeration kit with weighted tubing because it's so much easier to put it in the pond and forget about it plus, the tubing doesn't float so you don't have worry about looking at it or it being in the way of boats or other vessels.  If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, the aeration system is just as good with a poly tubing and it will still provide aeration like it should, you'll just see the tubing float.  The choice is up to you.  

Sometimes choosing an aeration system can be a bit involved especially if your pond is irregular in shape, has weird peninsula areas or in an L or S shape.  For those who have 'different' shaped ponds other than rectangular, oval or round, please contact us with more information and we can help you choose a system(s) that will work best for you.  

For those who have oval, round or rectangular ponds or lakes and want to choose an aeration system that's right for them, please choose from 'Large Pond Aerators, Medium Pond Aerators or Small Pond Aerators' first to view the aeration systems available in those categories.