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Diffused Aeration System

Diffused pond aerators provide oxygen to the bottom of the pond all the way up to the top via tiny air bubbles emitted through the air diffuser or commonly called as 'air bubbler'. 

Our diffused pond aeration kits typically consist of the air compressor (motor), tubing (either weighted which sinks or poly tubing which floats but can be manually weighted down), the air diffuser(s) and necessary fittings.  They are super easy to assemble and can last many years, providing necessary oxygen throughout your pond and to you valuable fish.

Pond aeration provided by a diffused aeration system can provide the best type of aeration.  The air diffuser sits on the bottom of the pond and disperses millions of tiny bubbles and can oxygenate the whole body of water from the bottom all the way up to the top.  This is important so cold, stagnant, unoxygenated water doesn't sit on the bottom and cause an unhealthy atmosphere.  Fish typically go to the bottom of the pond or near there as the water temperatures are most constant and constantly changing water temperatures can add undue stress to the fish.  Bad types of bacteria, parasites and other nasty 'critters' can sometimes live in the bottom of the pond, too, which can further add to the unhealthy conditions. 

Diffused pond aerators also have a benfit of being installed hundreds if not thousands of feet from an electric source.  You can simply keep the air compressor in a barn or protected area and run poly tubing to the pond's edge then connect the tubing to the valve (if applicable) which then is easily connected to either your poly or weighted tubing that runs into the pond where each diffuser (air bubbler) is located.  It may sound difficult but is super simple.  Definitely contact us with the size of your pond, the distance the nearest electric source is and we can help you determine what diffused aeration system is best for you.

Diffused pond aerators can last many, many years while giving you 24/7/365 performance.  Adding aeration to your pond can also improve the pond cleaning affects from good types of bacteria (such as our PlanktoniX - available in many sizes) that eat sludge, muck, organic debris, fish wastes, etc. and are responsible for converting toxic ammonia from fish wastes into useful substances.  (Referred to as the nitrogen cycle.) 

We are more than happy to help you choose which diffused aerator may be right for your pond.  They can be much cheaper to operate than using a water pump as it takes less pressure to push air than it does water and their benefits are many and much more than what's mentioned above.