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Algae Control

Want to control algae in your pond? We have the answers and the products to help you do just that whether it's a a pond algaecide that will kill the algae, beneficial bacteria that rapidly decomposes the organic matter that feeds the algae and causes it to grow, or aquatic sunblockers to block the sunlight the algae needs to grow - we have all the products you need and expert advice to help you improve the quality and health of your pond.

Below are some helpful resource links about pond algae control. Overall, we recommend the following products:

  • PlanktoniX as the best Beneficial Bacteria for decomposing organic matter for large ponds and lakes
  • Aquashade or Cygnet Plus Pond Dye as the aquatic sunblocker to block the sunlight from filtering through the body of water that gives the algae the sunlight it needs in order to grow
  • The proper size of aeration system for your pond to reduce bad types of bacteria, fungus, etc. from growing and improve the effects of the beneficial bacteria in the pond.  A proper size of aerator also improves the overall health of the pond and gives oxygen to your fish.