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Pond Liners and Sealers

Our pond liners are fish-safe and are 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liners.  Use our liners to hold the water within your pond or water garden.  They are made out of a type of rubber (45 mil EPDM) and can easily contours to curves while having a bit of 'give'.  The manufacturer offers a 20 year warranty on our liners which come in various widths from 5 feet wide up to 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. 

Our 45 mil EPDM pond liners can be seamed together using our Quick Seam Prep Kit, 2-sided tape, cover strip, adhesive glue and sealer.  These 45 mil EPDM liners can then be seamed together to make a much larger liner or seamed to the same type of liner from a waterfall or stream thereby making them into all one, waterproof unit. 

Don't get persuaded by using roofing liners as they have algaecides, fungicides, mildewicides and other chemicals needed for on roofs but that are toxic to fish.   These chemicals can negatively impact your water chemistry and be harmful to your pond even if you don't have fish.

We also have 60 mil EPDM liners available and liquid concrete pond sealers

A pond liner is only about as good as the underlayment and foundation underneath.  Be sure to remove rocks, roots and debris before installing a pond liner and use an underlayment underneath to protect it.  An ounce of prevention is worth more than an ounce of cure! 

To make your pond look more attractive consider lining it with natural rocks.  This will make it look more natural and add surface area for good types of bacteria to grow on which are responsible for keeping your pond clean.