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Effective Pond and Lake Weed Control Tips to Kill Your Aquatic Weeds Safely Without Harming Fish

Effective Pond and Lake Weed Control Tips to Kill Your Aquatic Weeds Safely Without Harming Fish

Posted by Pond Solutions on 7th Feb 2024

Is your pond or lake overrun with unsightly weeds? Take proactive steps to tackle weed growth and reclaim your fish pond. Here's how:

  1. Broad Spectrum Weed Control Application: Begin your weed control efforts in the spring by applying a broad-spectrum aquatic herbicide to control, reduce or eliminate the growth of your pond weeds. It's best to start early in the season for optimal results.

    An effective, broad spectrum weed weed control product used for ponds and lakes is called, Sonar. Sonar works gradually which minimizes the risk of oxygen depletion in your pond when the weeds begin to die off. This is especially crucial if you have fish, as adequate oxygen levels are essential for their survival. Sonar targets a wide range of pond weeds and can provide lasting results for multiple seasons. 
  2. Add Aquatic Sun Blocker or Pond Dye: Consider incorporating an aquatic sun blocker into your weed control regimen. Products like Aquashade, Blue/Black Vail, and Cygnet Dye tint your pond water while limiting sunlight penetration that submersible pond weeds need to grow. Applying these aquatic sun blockers early in the growing season can significantly hinder pond weed growth. They are available in a variety of colors from aquamarine, blue, blue/black and black. 
  3. Add Vital Aeration: Every pond needs good aeration to keep it healthy. If you have an abundance of fish and pond weeds you definitely need a good aeration system. We have a variety to choose from. When pond weeds and algae die, they rob oxygen from the water and low oxygen levels can effect the life of all living things in the pond including your valuable fish. Be sure to use adequate aeration before applying any aquatic herbicide to kill the pond weeds. Using an aeration system can also help to evenly distribute the pond chemicals as well.
  4. Add Pond Cleaning Beneficial Bacteria: To complement your weed control efforts, ensure you have a reliable beneficial bacteria product for your pond. PlanktoniX stands out as a top choice, proven to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, including dead weeds, leaves, fish waste, and algae. Preventing the accumulation of organic debris helps prevent the formation of muck and sludge, which can provide a substrate for more pond weeds to grow while providing food for algae growth.
  5. Follow Manufacturer's Recommended Dosage:  It is imperative to follow manufacturer's recommended dosage. Measure your pond so you know the size to be treated. If required, treat the pond 1/3 to 1/2 at a time with the aquatic herbicide.  Overtreating the pond can result in fish loss. 

    Nearly all - if not all - of the products we sell are used for and safe for fish ponds. Afterall, that's the business we are in. But, you must follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage rates and always, always have a proper sized aeration system when you treat a pond with accumulated pond weed or algae growth and have fish. It's a must. 
  6. Don't Mix Chemicals:  Never mix chemicals to treat a pond or lake at the same time. Again, follow manufacturer's recommendations.  Typically, you may treat the pond with an aquatic herbicide first.  Then, about 3 days later, treat it with the aquatic sun blocker followed by another 3-10 days or so, with a beneficial bacteria product. The beneficial bacteria product should always be used last. 

Investing in Sonar and other weed control products may seem costly initially, but their effectiveness and longevity make them a worthwhile investment. With proper application and maintenance, you can enjoy a weed-free, water oasis and family retreat for many seasons to come. Remember - spring is the best time to start taking active pond weed eradication measures. You can however, use these methods throughout the active growing season. 

Start today to reclaim the serenity of your water garden or lake!