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Pond Fountains

Pond fountains can add a beautiful, floating water feature in your pond while providing necessary oxygen for optimal pond health.  Some pond fountains come with optional light kits for a beautiful nighttime display. There are many benefits to having a pond fountain. They are:

1.  They are beautiful to look at and provide aeration.

2.  They may come with optional light kits

3.   May come with a variety of fountain nozzles that be easily interchanged for different water effects.

Drawbacks, if you will, about having a floating pond fountain:

1.  For shallow ponds, they 'may' provide good aeration, sucking water in from up to 2 or 4' deep (depending on the fountain) and spraying it in a variety of spray patterns.  If the pond is deeper than this or is very large, this type of fountain may not provide good, overall pond aeration - if that is what you are trying to achieve.  In that case, having a diffused aerator or for shallow ponds, a surface aerator may be your best bet.

2.  Have to be removed from the pond during freezing temperatures as the ice may crack the pump and floating case.

3.  Is more expensive to operate than a diffused aerator because a floating pond fountain is actually a water pump that is in a floating case whereas a diffused aerator is an air compressor that sits on the shore and pushes air into the pond via an air tubing and air bubbler at the end.  It's a lot cheaper to push air which is super lightweight than it is to push water via a water pump.

4.  Comes with a certain length of cord so electrical source needs to be near the pond's edge.  Check with local city ordinance as to how far the electrical source needs to be.  In contrast, a diffused aerator can have it's compressor hundreds of feet away from the pond's edge.  Of course, the looks of the two are vastly different as an air diffuser has no beautiful water feature to look at while being super efficient at providing oxygen in the pond.

So, ask yourself this question when you're deciding on what feature to use when aerating a pond.  What am I trying to achieve?  A beautiful water feature or provide the best aeration system?  This may end up being the same product - but, it may not. 

Hope this helps.  Please contact us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to help you!