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Plumbing Parts

Our pond plumbing supplies consists of gate valves, ball valves, PVC parts, reducers, hose clamps, check valves, check valve assemblies, PVC elbows, flexible tubing, flexible PVC tubing and everything you need for your pond plumbing project.  Typically, you have the same size of adapters as the pump intake or discharge size to the filter or waterfall unit although this is not always the case.

There are formulas to use to determine the correct size of tubing and plumbing parts for pumps, filters and waterfalls which depends on the distance and height it needs to push the water and if there are any turns or bends in the plumbing line which can reduce the performance of the pump. This is referred to as Pipe Friction Loss.

Typically, you never want to have a smaller pump tubing than what is measured by the discharge side of the pump.  This can create back pressure and burn out your pump which won't be covered by a manufacturer's warranty. 

Also, be sure not to use your pump outside during freezing temperatures as this can narrow the opening within the tubing and cause back pressure which can burn out the pump as well.

If you need help with the plumbing feature of your pond, please let us help you.  We are more than happy to help!