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Deliveries by Motor Freight

Items that are over 150 lbs. or are too large to be shipped by UPS are shipped by a third party, either USF Holland or Yellow Freight motor freight lines. Because there is a third party involved, there are some steps you need to take to make sure your merchandise arrives there safely.

We as the retailer are responsible to process your order and package it properly. We take great care in making sure every product is properly packaged. The motor freight company (or UPS) are required to deliver it to you safely without any damage. You as our valued customer, are required to report or inspect the merchandise and packaging material to look out for any possible damage. If there is any damage, it is your responsibility to note that on the delivery slip you sign at the time of delivery. Please be sure to read what you sign. Your signature means that you have received everything and in good condition. Most motor freight locations require a signature at the time of delivery, just for that purpose.

What do you do if your merchandise is damaged?
You have a few choices. The first choice is to refuse the delivery if there is obvious damage to a product, like a pond liner. If a box or something is slightly damaged and you think your product "may" be okay inside, then note that on the delivery slip that possible damage could be concealed and note that there was a torn box or whatever. You either have the right to inspect the product right while the delivery person is there and see if it's okay (which is the best option) or else open it later and notify us within 3 business days that there was damage. Either way, you MUST note it at the time of delivery.

What do you do if a product is missing?
You need to contact us within 3 business days that you are missing a product, whether it is delivered by UPS or motor freight. If your products are delivered by motor freight, you must note that on the delivery slip. We will then have to file a claim with the shipping company for compensation of the damaged product(s) and we'll ship the product(s) out to you right away after you've notified us.

Why do we need to clarify the delivery process?
Since there are 3 parties involved; we as the retailer, you as the customer and the motor freight as the shipping & delivery personnel, each party needs to be notified what their responsibilities are and basically, who is going to pay for the damage and repeat shipping. If we package the products properly and the trucking company states that they didn't damage it while shipping or delivering it to you and you contact us days, weeks or even months later stating that you didn't receive something or that you received something damaged, then we cannot do anything for you. You will be out the money and the product. You WON'T be out the money or product however, if you make a note of any damage or missing products when the product was delivered to you. That is why your inspection and signature are vital to any shipping & DELIVERY method, no matter who you buy your products from.

How often does this happen?
Damaged or missing products happens rarely but we want you to be aware of what your responsibilities are. We are always willing to work with our customers and if there are any errors on our part, we are always happy to quickly correct the situation. We just want to stress what your responsibilities are as well, so all of your shipping & delivery methods go smoothly. Please be sure to include your correct daytime phone number on the order form so motor freight can contact you if they need to when delivering your products to you.

Thank you! :o)