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High Volume Surface

Pond Aerators that float are called our high volume surface pond aerators.  They are used in large ponds that are typically much less than 6 feet deep.  Many can operate as low as 18 inches deep. They consist of a floating device which holds a water pump and very rapidly churns the water which causes air molecules to attach to the water molecules which enter back into the pond.  These floating pond aerators can cause a lot of water movement and has an extra benefit of dispersing any floating debris or tiny pond weeds like duckweed or watermeal closer to the shores where it can be treated or removed.  They can be 'anchored' in place by using some black poly rope (so it's camouflaged) and either tied down to the other side of pond or to a brick at the bottom of the pond.  This way the aerator doesn't float to the shore from winds and get trapped in pond weeds, thick muck, etc. that can burn out the pump.

These high volume surface floating pond aerators require electricity nearby as some only come with a 50 or 100 foot cord which is attached to its water pump.  Depending on the type of surface aerator, we may be able to install a longer cord.  Please contact us for that information.  These units need to be removed from the pond during the cold winter months where ice can form and damage the unit.