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Pond and Waterfall Kits

Our preformed pond waterfall kits make building a pond waterfall a snap! Available in several sizes, our preformed pond waterfall kits are plastic,premolded water reservoirs that hold water from your pond and allows the water to flow off the waterfall lip naturally.  The water enters in at the bottom, rises to the top and then flows off the waterfall lip.  There is a formula to determine what size of pump you will need for various sizes of waterfalls.  Typically, you calculate 100 - 200 GPH for every inch wide the waterfall weir is.  (The weir is the lip or the width of the waterfall.)  So, if your waterfall weir is 24 inches wide, you will need a pump that pumps at least 2400 GPH.  There is more to this, though!  Please read our eBook as you will need to consider the size of the pond, the length of the tubing and the height the waterfall is from the surface of the pond water, in addition to if you have any filters, UV units or other water features.  Of course, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help you, too!