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Windmill Aerators

Windmill Pond Aerators are wind-powered aerators that can provide oxygen to your pond instead of using electricity.  There are pros and cons to using a windmill aerator.  The benefits are that you can provide aeration without using electricity which may be too far away.  Any amount of oxygen can be beneficial to your pond.  The disadvantage is that you have to depend on wind to power the air compressor.  The air tubing can also build up ice inside while the wind settles or there is no wind and then burn out your compressor when the wind picks up and trys to operate.  For these reasons, we don't recommend using a windmill aerator during the cold winter months which only provides seasonal aeration to your pond when it really needs it 365 days a year. 

A couple of points to consider is that other diffused aerators that run from electricity can be operated hundreds and even thousands of feet from an electrical source.  You can simply run poly tubing for the air to be pushed that distance.  Definitely contact us with help on this. Most times this can be a whole lot less expensive than trying to run electricity to the pond's edge but of course, each case is different. 

Overall, windmill pond aerators can definitely provide oxygen to a pond but their wind source is not dependable like electricity is and can't provide the constant aeration like our diffused pond aerators can. 

Wind driven windmill aerators can save $30-$50 per month in electric costs.  In a few short years these windmill aerators will pay for themselves.  Ideal for aerating remote ponds that do not have electricity nearby!  Available in three or four leg designs. Will operate in winds as low as five miles per hour. 6' diameter head with 12 blades. Over speed protection - tail section will turn head in high winds preventing over spinning. Can effectively aerate ponds up to two acres depending on shape and depth. Windmills can sit up to 1000' away from pond's edge.