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Boat and Dock Deicer

These water circulators work as a boat and dock deicer. They can be used year-round and when properly placed in the winter, can help prevent ice damage around docks as it circulates the warm water from below up to the surface.  This movement of warm water along with the water movement itself, can help prevent ice from forming. 

Kasco deicers are designed to prevent the formation of damaging ice around docks and boats. Thousands of these units are being used in marinas, harbors, waterfront developments and recreational ponds to prevent costly ice damage and have been proven very effective for summer time use in preventing stagnant water. Used in marinas, bays or coves of lakes, irregular shaped ponds and other similar applications; these circulators/deicers are a cost effective way to improve water quality. A 1/2 HP circulator can effectively circulate water in one acre pond twelve feet deep! Circulators are an ideal choice for shallow bodies of water where diffused air systems do not work. 25' power cords standard on 115 volt deicers and circulators, 230 volt units have 50' power cords. To deicer a shallow water area, direct the flow of warmer water from a deeper area into the shallower area.  Remember, a deicer works because it draws warmer, denser water from the bottom of the pond and circulates it upward towards the surface, preventing ice formation or by melting existing ice.Kasco deicers come complete with power cord and two 20' suspension ropes.Three ways to install deicers:  Suspension Ropes - hang deicer between two fixed points.  Ropes are included. Dock Mount - using the optional dock mount lets you attach the deicer to a dock or piling. Dock mount is adjustable for depth and angle (see photo below). Flotation Kit - suspending the deicer horizontally with this flotation kit creates an elongated pattern of open water. Use Kasco's optional time and temperature controls to save you money in reduced electrical usage.  See product codes SCC10, SCC20 for these features.