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Seasonal Pond Needs

Pond heaters which are really deicers, can keep a small opening in the pond water from freezing over solid.  Our pond deicers come in a variety of sizes and are quite useful during cold winter months.  They can be used by themselves or in conjunction with a pond aerator.  Either unit, when properly sized and placed can provide an opening in the top of the pond during the winter.  This opening is vital to allow fresh oxygen to enter and toxic gases to escape.  If left to freeze over solid, toxic gases from decomposing organic matter (silt, sludge, muck, dead pond weeds, etc.) build up while no fresh oxygen is entering in.  This deadly combination can result in a large fish kill.  Do yourself a favor and get a pond deicer or a pond aerator to keep your pond open during the winter.  The aerator you can use year-round, too.  If you need help determining what the best option is for you, please contact us.  We're happy to help you.

We also have boat and dock deicers which can save a person thousands from boat or dock damage caused from ice.