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Pond Cleaning Info and Products

Here's the TOP 10 Helpful Hints to Keeping a Pond Clean:

  1. Add a quality beneficial bacteria product to your pond or lake on a regular basis.  Products like PlanktoniX (for large ponds and lakes) or Microbe-Lift PL (for small ponds) will eat up the wastes that are in your pond that is feeding unwanted algae and causing your water to turn green. 
  2. Install a pond filter and skimmer to filter out larger wastes before they settle to the bottom.
  3. Install a bottom drain which can make improve water circulation for koi ponds and make cleaning the pond easier.
  4. Add a pond net during the autumn months to prevent an abundance of leaves from entering the pond.
  5. Add a UV Clarifier or UV Sterilizer to kill microscopic algae cells, viruses and more to improve fish health and water clarity.
  6. Don't overfeed your fish. You'd be surprised at just how many tiny bugs there are in your pond for your fish to feed on.
  7. Don't overpopulate your pond. This is one of the most common problems with pond owners is that they have too many fish for the size of filtration system they have. Remember - info on pond filters are usually for water gardens with no fish.  Adding fish will drastically change the size of filter you need!
  8. Clean your pond filter pads regularly with a bucket of pond water. Avoid power washing.
  9. Add dechlorinated water, as necessary. If your pumps, liner, skimmers and waterfall units and fountains have been created properly, there should be minimal water loss. Do note that every time you add additional water to your pond, you are adjusting the ecological system you're trying to create and balance. Cloudy or green water can result quickly with frequent water changes in addition to it being unhealthy for the fish.
  10. Add pond dye as needed.  Pond dye such as Aquashade or Cygnet Plus will block the sun's rays from filtering through the pond. Since algae and submersed pond weeds need sunlight to grow, you will be blocking some of the sunlight from filtering through the pond by adding a pond dye.