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Ultraviolet Clarifiers

Pond Ultraviolet Clarifiers and Ultraviolet Sterilizers can be used in fish ponds to kill algae cells, parasites, bacteria, fungus and about 99% of living organisms (depends on flow and type of UVC or UVS used).  If you want to have crystal clear water, adding a Ultraviolet Clarifier to your pond may be the way to go.  Be sure you have adequate filtration to catch the dead algae cells or else they'll go right back into your pond and add to the sludge and muck at the bottom. Also, you will still need to add a good pond cleaning bacteria such as PlanktoniX or Microbe Lift as they will break down the toxic ammonia from fish wastes into useful chemicals in the pond.  Crystal clear water doesn't mean you have a healthy pond but it can definitely increase your visibility and enjoyment.  Choose from a variety of our Ultraviolet Clarifiers or Sterilizers below.  If you need assistance, we are more than happy to help you.  Please contact us.