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Customer Service

Daily we receive 100s of emails from customers all over the world.  Please be 'short and sweet' with your questions yet complete and thorough.  If contacting us regarding your pond, please include important information such as:

  • pond size
  • pump size
  • filter size
  • type of fish, if any, and quantity
  • chemicals you may currently be using
  • where the pond is situated (full sun, shade, in a valley, wooded area, etc.)
  • exactly what the problem is
  • your name and correct email address
  • photo, if possible of a pond weed or pond algae problem so we can properly identify it

We provide customer service exclusively via email.  This provides many benefits to both you and our staff.  Benefits include the following:

  • It allows us the time around our demands of shipping, fish farming, etc. to answer your questions
  • It allows you to have an answer whenever you are available to read it 24 hours a day
  • It provides a 'hard copy' for you to re-read the information, if necessary, and to share it with other members in your household, staff, etc. who may be involved with your project.
  • It eliminates playing 'phone tag'.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but feel as though this best suits the majority of our customers needs as well as ours.

Please contact us your questions.  Be sure to check your 'spam' folder for our email response, too.  Sometimes, AOL and other ISPs have blocked our email from getting to our customers by filtering it through their spam filter.  If this happens to you, simply check your spam folder with your ISP and you should find our email there.

We are more than happy to help you and look forward to doing so!

Thank you! :o)

~ Your Friends at PondSolutions.com!