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Pond Skimmers

Use a pond skimmer to suction off floating debris in the pond before it settles.  A pond skimmer is a plastic housing that holds the pump inside.  Water gets sucked through the opening of the skimmer caused by the suction of the pump.  The water travels through a net to catch larger debris and then either filter brushes or a filter pad before it reaches the pump.  The discharge of the pump then pushes the water to either a waterfall, stream, filter or water feature before returning to the pond. 

A pond skimmer can save you a lot of money by keeping your pond clean.  It can sit at the edge of the pond or several feet away when installed with skimmer extension tubes which can work great and camouflage the skimmer.  They are available in several sizes.

Some skimmers also have optional ultraviolet clarifiers built in which can kill unwanted algae cells, bacteria, parasites and more.