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Large Fish Pond Aerators

Our large pond aerators provide optimal aeration for large ponds and lakes.  They come in different sizes and produce different amounts of air pressure.  There are basically, 3 parts you need an aeration kit; the right kind and size of air compressor, air tubing (poly tubing which floats or weighted tubing which sinks), and air diffuser(s). 

We have calculated out the CFM air pressure from the air compressors and created kits that will provide optimal aeration for that specific size of compressor, the depth it will perform at and the length and diameter of tubing it can use.  If you want to save money, check out our aeration kits that have all 3 units - the air compressor, tubing and air diffusers.  We also offer some kits that only have 2 of the 3 units you may need.  This is for people who already may have the other missing part to the complete aeration system. 

All of this may sound complicated but it's really not.  We've already done the math to create aeration kits for you so they work optimally but --- for those who want to put things together themselves instead of having to buy an entire kit, those are available, too. 

As always, if you need help choosing which aerator is best for you, please allow us to help you.  We would need to know the size of pond you have, it's overall shape, the depth of the pond and how far away the nearest electric source is and what type of electricity is available (115 or 220 volt). 

Often times you can install a pond aerator quite a distance away from your pond or lake and run the air compressor at your source of electricity, run poly tubing to the pond's edge (which can be buried) and then connect the valves there that will run to each diffuser in the pond.  It's really quite simple to put together and super important to have.  Again, please let us help you.  We're more than happy to help!