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Air Compressor

Air compressors or air pumps are used in our pond aeration kits.  They provide the air pressure to oxygenate the pond.  A poly or weighted tubing is attached to the discharge side of the air pump.  On the other end of the tubing is the air bubbler or air diffuser.  The air compressor then pushes air through the tubing to the air diffuser which diffuses millions of tiny air bubbles that get dispersed throughout the pond from the bottom all the way up to the top.  This is great pond aeration called 'diffused pond aeration'.

We use some of these air compressor pumps in our pond aeration systems where we've done all the calculations on the PSI of the air compressor at a given depth, the diameter of the tubing from the compressors and type and size of diffusers used.  Our aeration kits can save you a lot of money while providing optimal aeration instead of buying the air compressor pumps, tubing, valves and diffusers seperately.  However, for those who want to creatively make your own aeration system or need to replace one, these air compressor pumps are available.  Most are available in 115 volt but some are available in 230 volt. 

Air compressor pumps to provide aeration in ponds can be much more economical to operate than a water pump as it takes much less effort to push air than it does to push water.