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Rocking Piston Compressors

These rocking piston air compressors combine the higher volumes of air of a rotary vane compressor with the higher pressures of a piston pump. The rocking piston design allows the overall size of the unit to be much smaller and yet deliver high performance and long life. Ideal aeration for deep pond and lakes that are too deep for the rotary vane air compressor kits. 

As always, we are happy to help you.  Having proper aeration is vital to a healthy pond and our aeration kits are easy to install.  There are different types of air compressor pumps some of which are designed for small backyard ponds only a few feet deep such as our diaphragm air compressors.  There are other air compressors that provide higher volumes of air for deeper ponds such as our rotary vane compressors which don't need as much air pressure because the pond or lake isn't that deep.  Then, there are these rocking piston compressors that combine the higher volumes of air and the higher pressure you need to aerate in deeper waters. 

All in all, these units are super easy to install even though they may sound complicated.  Simply contact us with your size of pond, it's depth, it's size and how far away the nearest electrical source is and we can help you choose the right pond aerator.  If you have an abundance of fish or sludge and muck, let us know that, too.  We are more than happy to help and want you to have the right solution for your pond or lake!