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Medium Aquafalls

Our medium Aquafalls works well as a preformed waterfall unit for ponds or streams.  The water enters the bottom, rises to the top and then flows off the waterfall lip.  These Aquafalls are water tight and come with installation instructions.  They do require a very solid and level base to stand on.  This can be achieved by tampering the soil underneath real well or providing a concrete base.  Once the base is level as required, the Aquafalls can provide many years of enjoyment by watching your waterfall in your pond, water garden or stream. 

We have complete information on how to determine the size of waterfall you need in our How To Guide along with how to determine the pump size you need.  There's a bit of math involved and some measurements we need from you to calculate this out but we can definitely help you with that.  Please contact us as we're happy to help you. 

Regardless - these Aquafalls are professional grade and will last you for many, many years.