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Solar Pond Aeration Systems for Shallow Ponds

Our Solar Pond Aeration Systems for Shallow Ponds are designed for ponds and lakes up to 12' deep.  These are 'direct sunlight' systems that operate when bright or sunny conditions exist. 

These solar pond aeration kits for shallow ponds include:

  • Complete kits are easy to install, quiet and dependable
  • Designed for ponds up to 1.5 acres
  • Each kit comes with powder coated, lockable steel cabinet, cooling fan, pressure gauge and all necessary fittings
  • DC solar air compressors rated for 2.2 CFM air flow that will operate down to 12' deep.
  • Battery Free System - eliminates the expense of rechargeable batteries and controllers making these systems much more affordable
  • 5' galvanized steel mounting pole included
  • Warranty - fifteen years on panels; five years on airline and diffusers; two years on compressor

These Solar Pond Aeration Systems for Shallow Ponds up to 12' deep features a compressor that offers the best mix of airflow, pressure and low power consumption that allows these systems to operate over a wide range of conditions.

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