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Surfactants and Activators

A surfactant is a chemical that, when properly used, is added to another chemical so the overall solution sticks better.  In this case, our surfactants, when properly mixed with a specific pond weed killer, helps the pond weed killer stick to the pond weeds so it has a longer contact time and can do a better job killing the plant. 

It may be best to wait until the plant is at maturity to kill it sufficiently such as mature cattails.  The surfactant will help the pond weed killer stay on the cattails longer so it can penetrate the waxy coating on the stalk so it can kill the plant down to the roots.  Cutting the cattails or other pond weeds usually only encourages more root formation so more plants grow back later. 

As with most everything in life - get at the root of the problem - and in this case, the root literally.  You want to kill the weed systemically all the way to and including the roots.  Using a surfactant can help you do just that by allowing a longer contact time for the aquatic herbicide to work.

If you need help in choosing the right herbicide or algaecide and need assistance, please contact us.  We're more than happy to help you.