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Install Preformed Pond

How to Install a Pre-formed Pond


St Croix Pre-Formed Pond.jpg (25021 bytes)

1.  Select an area that is sunny and has at least 4-6 hours of sunlight.  Good drainage is a must.  Root free would be great, too.




2.  Standing inside the pond, mark the pond's perimeter on the ground, using an edger or flat shovel.  You can outline it with chalk dust as well.




3.  Dig a corresponding hole a little larger and deeper than the pond.  Make sure the excava- tion has a firmly compacted base.   Take out any rocks, roots, or sharp debris.  You can put approx. 2" of play sand base under the pond and have some for around the edges.  NOTE:  For our molded shelf ponds, simply replicate the pond's contour within the excavation, making sure to fully support the shelf with tightly packed sand or dirt.  Rinse out pre-formed pond with water real well before installing.




4.  Bed the pond on a layer of sand, then level the pond.  You should have the pond's edge slightly above ground level so the dirt around it slopes at least 10% away from the pond to prevent rain from washing soil, lawn fertilizers, etc. into the pond.




5.  Backfill with loose dirt or sand between pond and excavation, stopping at halfway mark between excavation base and pond's flange (upper lip).  Start to fill with water.




6.  Commence filling with water slowly and continue backfilling with loose sand.  Gauge your time so the filling of water and backfilling of sand steps are finished at the same time.  If water is chlorinated, allow 48 hours before adding plants.  If you are adding fish, you need to dechlorinate the water by using Ammo Lock 2 before adding fish. If you got dirt in the pond while backfilling, it is a good idea to drain the pond completely, wipe clean (never use detergents) and refill with water.



decorate-with-rocks.jpg A layer of washed, lightly colored stone (pea gravel, cobblestones) may be arranged within the pond prior to stocking.  Dirt and sediment will rest upon the rocks, becoming less noticeable.

Decorate with rocks, bridge, aquatic plants, lighting, fountains, or whatever your imagination decides!




Combine two or more ponds for a larger, more dramatic presentation.  Pictured here are the Lotus and 2 St. Croix pre-formed ponds.



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