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Algae Control

We have a variety of pond algae control products designed for small ponds and large fish ponds and lakes. We also have a Pond Algae Control guide for more information.

Pond algae needs sunlight and nutrients to grow. You need to do your best to eliminate or reduce the sunlight and nutrients that are in the pond.  You can achieve that by using aquatic sunblockers which block the sunlight entering in the pond.  These are special pond dyes which also color the water. Nutrients come from fallen leaves, fish wastes, sludge, muck, etc. You want to do everything you can to reduce the nutrients in the pond.  Use a good beneficial pond bacteria that will naturally eat up those wastes. The best bacteria product for large ponds and lakes is our PlanktoniX Pond Bacteria. You can use a variety of Microbe Lift products for small ponds. 

We also have pond algaecides that kill pond algae and other aquatic herbicides that kill pond weeds.