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Top 12 Most Needed Pond Supplies

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With a list of thousands of pond supplies we offer, it can be overwhelming what pond products you really need.  Here's a quick list of the top 10 most common pond supplies:

1.  Pond liner - This seals in and holds the water.  They are fish-safe and comes in a variety of thickness and types offered.  Custom sizes available for large ponds an acre in size.  Special pond liner adhesive tapes and accessories can allow you to create a pond any size and shape.

2.  Pond pump - This pumps the water to a filter, waterfall, fountain, skimmer or stream.  There's a correct formula to use to determine the size of the pump you need.  Contact us and we'll help you.

3.  Pond aerator - This unit pushes air, not water, through a hose into the deepest part of your pond which disperses necessary oxygen throughout.  These are called diffused aerators.  We also have surface aerators which float and are used in very shallow, large ponds less than 6' deep along with windmill aerators that use a diffused aerator and is generated by wind.  Use these in a place that's a long ways away from electricity.  You may be able to keep the air compressor in a covered barn and run air tubing to a pond's edge even if it's many hundred feet away.  Contact us with your dimensions, electrical location and size and shape of your pond and we'll help you decide what unit is best for you.

4.  Pond bacteria - Definitely your #1 friend at keeping the pond clean and healthy.  The bacteria decomposes organic matter in the pond that is feeding unwanted algae and pond weeds from growing.  It eats up scum, sludge, silt, muck, fallen leaves, fish wastes, etc.  Don't be without pond bacteria such as our Microbe-Lift PL for ponds under 250 square feet or our PlanktoniX for ponds and lakes larger than that. 

5.  Aquatic Sunblocker/Pond Dyes - This aquatic, fish-safe, people-safe, 'everything-safe' dye is used to block sunlight from filtering through the pond water.  As algae and submersed pond weeds need sunlight and nutrients to grow, the sunblocker blocks the sunlight from reaching the submersed pond weeds and algae and reduces or can eliminate their growth.  Add it early in the season for it to be most effective.  Add the pond bacteria mentioned above to get rid of the nutrients.

6.  Pond Skimmer - Plumb this in your pond plumbing system to siphon off blown in debris and eliminating it from reaching the bottom of the pond which provides nutrients for unwanted algae and pond weeds to grow.  You'd be surprised at just how much debris a pond skimmer can remove needless to say how effective they can be in the fall when leaves are prevalent.

7.  Pond Net - For those with a small backyard fish pond, putting a net over the pond can be helpful at keeping unwanted predators and fallen leaves from getting into the pond.  We offer these in many different sizes and thickness.

8.  Pond Deicer - Use these during the winter to keep a small section of the pond from freezing over.  They're designed for very small ponds.  A cheaper alternative that you can use year-round is using an aerator and placing the diffuser at an optimal location that provides enough water agitation to keep the water from freezing over solid. Aerators are cheaper to run and can last you for many years.  Pond deicers are cheaper initially to buy but can cost more to operate.

9.  Pond Pump Tubing & Accessories - Hands down, the best pump tubing is our flexible PVC pipes.  They can be buried and you can use PVC glues and adhesives.  They're mostly black in color and can easily hide.  For very small ponds, you might want to consider our flexible, non-kink tubing.  These require different adapters but also work great. 

10.  Fake Rock Covers - Use these to hide a pond filter, air compressor, external pump or a million uses around your home.  They come in different sizes and shapes and look natural!  Also included are air vents which you will need to provide air circulation so pumps and air compressors don't overheat.  Most of these units require protection from the elements (wind, rain, snow, sleet, sand, etc.) and our fake rock covers do a great job!

11.  Pond Filter - Definitely want a good pond filter that provides at least two functions.  First, it filters our debris which is a mechanical filter.  Second, it provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on.  This is called the biological filter.  A third option may include a built-in UV (ultraviolet) light that can kill parasites, fungus, bacteria, algae, etc. when it passes by the UV light.  Prices and size vary.  Definitely, most definitely, get a larger unit than what you think you'll need.  This is the #1 cause of green ponds is that people choose too small of a filter.  Contact us and we'll be happy to help you.  A lot goes into it including the size of pond, location, how many fish you want and their size, and more.  Remember, fish populate so you can very quickly out grow the size of filter you have. 

12.  Bottom Drain - Although many people might have guessed we would say pond accessories, a pond UV light or something else for #12, a pond drain can be super incredibly helpful at keeping your pond clean.  You can attach a pond drain through the bottom of your pond liner by using one of our bulkhead connectors.  Basically, you carefully cut a hole in the pond liner the same diameter as the 'nipple' of the connector.  The rubber pond liner acts as a rubber washer.  Then, you screw the bulkhead connector together (acts like a bolt with a nut on the end) to create the seal.  Connector pieces screw into the bulkhead connector which can be attached to pump tubing that can go up to a pump or skimmer box.  Although you may sound nervous about putting one in, they really are easy to install and their benefits are HUGE. 

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