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Pond Dye

Pond dyes, pond colorants or pond water sunblockers work by blocking the sun's rays that penetrate through the water. Pond dyes color the water a variety of shades of colors including blue pond dyes, turquoise pond dyes and blue/black pond dyes.  Some pond dyes are EPA registered like Aquashade is while others aren't and can be less expensive. 

Pond dyes work by filtering the sun's rays that penetrate the pond water.  The sun would provide energy to pond weeds and algae and cause it to grow.  By blocking out the sun's rays, you're helping to reduce the pond weed and algae growth.   

Pond dyes work great in conjunction with pond cleaning bacteria.  Pond weeds and algae primarily need two things to grow:  sunlight and nutrients.  You can block the sunlight by using the pond dye preferably early in the season and use the pond cleaning bacteria throughout the season so it can clean the muck and sludge build up in the pond which causes nutrition for algae and pond weeds to grow.  These two products working together - pond dye and pond cleaning bacteria - can help keep your pond clean and clear all season long.  Pond dyes by themselves don't do anything for the sludge and muck build up on the bottom of the pond that's making it unhealthy and providing nutrition to the pond weeds and algae to begin with however, using a quality pond dye year after year can benefit the build up on the bottom of the pond because the pond weeds would have stunted growth or no growth at all and therefore not add as much to the sludge build up on the bottom. 

Do yourself a favor and use your choice of pond dye AND pond cleaning bacteria together along with an aerator.  These are the top 3 things you need to have a healthy, clean pond with less pond weeds and algae, a clean bottom of the pond that doesn't have sludge build up and a well aerated body of water. 

Aquashade Pond Dye will make your pond look a turquoise color.  Blue Vail is similar in color but maybe a bit bluer.  Blue/Black makes it a deep blue color.  Choose which pond dye you prefer.  As far as pond cleaning bacteria, we recommend PlanktoniX which comes in a a few sizes.  The use of an aerator depends on size, shape, amount of muck and sludge, number of fish, etc. in your pond.  We can help you select that or anything else you need assistance with. 

  • Aquashade Pond Dye, 1 Gallon Liquid

    AquaShade Pond Dye is the only EPA registered product for weed and algae prevention. Aquashade reflects sunlight to control plant growth. Use 1 gallon per acre of pond, 4' deep. Also, remember that pond weeds as well...

  • SCAQ12 Aquashadow, Dry Powder

    A powder form of Aquashade. Aquashadow comes in a water soluble bag that can be tossed directly into the pond. Each bag treats 1/4 acre, 4' deep.

  • Blue Black Pond Vail, 1 Quart.  Pond Dye, Pond Colorant.

    Use the Blue/Black Vail pond colorant to block out sunlight to pond weeds growing in large ponds or lakes. It provides a more natural look to man-made ponds, lakes, fountains, golf courses, etc. and contains no herbicides,...

  • SCDPD Cygnet Select Dye, 1 Gallon

    This pond dye is very similar to Aquashade. Cygnet Select comes in one gallon containers; one gallon treats one acre, 4' deep. Cygnet Select is not E.P.A. registered and therefore is more economical than Aquashade. Customers...