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Pond Dye

Pond dyes, pond colorants or pond water sunblockers work by blocking the sun's rays that penetrate through the water. Pond dyes color the water a variety of shades of colors including blue pond dyes, turquoise pond dyes and blue/black pond dyes.  Some pond dyes are EPA registered like Aquashade is while others aren't and can be less expensive. These dyes can also be used as lake dyes and fountain dyes (depending on what it's made out of).


  • SCAQ12 Aquashadow, Dry Powder

    A powder form of Aquashade. Aquashadow comes in a water soluble bag that can be tossed directly into the pond. Each bag treats 1/4 acre, 4' deep.

  • SCPD16 Blue Pond Dye - Pint

    Helps filter out sunlight as well as give pond water a pleasing "natural blue"appearance. Does not stain or harm fish, plants or other wildlife once dispersed in water. Concentrated formula - use one ounce per 1000 gallons...