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Pond Weed and Algae Control

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It's spring time and the weather has begun to break.  Hopefully, winter is definitely behind us.  Your pond is turning green and pond weeds are beginning to emerge.  What do you do?

If your pond is over 50' x 50' in size, you can add some Aquashade that will filter the sun's rays from filtering through the water and providing submerged pond weeds the sunlight they need to grow.  It will also help block the sun to algae cells that they need to grow, too.

If you're wanting something 'tougher' to attack your pond weeds and kill them, you will need proper identification of the pond weeds first then choose the right aquatic herbicide (weed killer) to kill those types of pond weeds.  If you want a broad spectrum type of weed killer, you may want to consider Sonar.  (Available in different sizes.) It can kill many different pond weeds and can last you more than one season - even up to, perhaps, 3 seasons. 

Always make sure you can use these products - or any products - in your area by contacting your local DNR (Department of Natural Resources) first.  If any water runs to or from your pond into nearby property, then you must contact your local DNR. 

Always consider and use an aerator when you're killing your pond weeds and you have fish in your pond.  The dying pond weeds rob oxygen out of the pond and can rob too much oxygen from your pond and therefore, kill your fish.  Most companies suggest treating 1/3 of the pond at a time with a day or two interval in between treatments to avoid this fish kill.  Always check with the manufacturer's recommended treatment rate and stick to that. 

After your treatment plan is over for a few days you can then treat your pond with PlanktoniX which is an incredibly powerful and natural beneficial bacteria product that will break down the dead pond weeds and leaves, silt, sludge and other decomposable matter in your pond.  All of this 'compost' normally breaks down slowly into unhealthy and stagnant sludge that is the culprit of many pond and fish problems.  You want to get rid of the sludge and PlanktoniX will do that safely.  It is not a chemical but an all-natural product.  There are several sizes available including 2 lb, 10 lb, and 25 lb containers.

You're #1 friend in your pond is the PlanktoniX.  It works 24/7 for you.  Your #2 friend in your pond is the proper type of aeration that will aerate to the bottom of the pond all the way up to the top.  These are most likely our diffused aerators.  We can help you with both options - or any other pond assistance you may need. 

Remember: Every time you add something to kill your pond algae or weeds and they end up settling to the bottom of the pond, this adds to the sludge and nutrients that provide more algae and weeds to grow.  You either ideally want to remove these or add a beneficial bacteria product such as PlanktoniX faithfully to decompose them at an accelerated rate.  This will make your pond healthier overall. 

Always get at the root of the problem in order to solve it.  The root of the problem is the sludge and muck.  Do what you can to get rid of it and decompose it and a lot of your problems will be eliminated. It can really be this simple.