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Pond Cleaning Made Easy With Our #1 Pond Cleaning Bacteria

Posted by Pond Solutions on

Everyone has an abundance of sludge, silt or muck in the bottom of their pond.  This is caused from fallen leaves, uneaten fish food, fish wastes, dead pond weeds, etc..  Did you know that NOW - during the heart of hot summer months - is the BEST time to clean your pond?

You can clean your pond by using a great beneficial pond bacteria such as our PlanktoniX pond bacteria.  This stuff works amazingly well and can be used on smaller ponds as well as large ponds and lakes. 

All you have to do is toss some of the PlanktoniX bacteria in and within 20 minutes the bacteria can start eating your sludge and muck rapidly.  As a matter of fact, they can eat twice their weight of waste every minute and can populate your pond by doubling in number every 20 to 30 minutes.  How's that for an army of bacteria cleaning your pond while you're off vacationing, sleeping and enjoying your summertime activity!

We have tried and tested PlanktoniX against the leading bacteria products for several years and nothing compares to PlanktoniX.  It's available in 2 pound, 10 pound or 25 pound containers and has a shelf life of several years.  Add it throughout the year but summertime and the hot weather gives it even more favorable conditions to eat lots and reproduce at an accelerated rate - with more and more beneficial bacteria cleaning your pond!

Also, a real key point besides the fact that it's the #1 pond bacteria but it's also all natural and is NOT a chemical.  It's totally safe to use while swimming, dogs or birds drinking the water, etc..  Even the manufacturer ate some to prove it's safety.  (Not that we recommend eating it, but...  You get the point!) 

Pond muck, sludge, dead algae, fallen leaves and other scum and decay on the bottom of ponds is by far the #1 culprit behind unwanted algae blooms (green water) and unwanted pond weed growth.  All of this muck feeds the algae and pond weeds and cause them to grow.  So, starve out the algae and pond weeds by getting rid of the muck easily with the PlanktoniX that will eat it up and clean things all over in your pond. 

It's really that simple.  There's 100s of products on the market that will do this or that but what you want to do is work with nature to combat your problems.  PlanktoniX is 100% natural and safe to use and is super effective!  We've seen dramatic results and so have our customers. 

Give it a try and start today.

Here it is in 25 lb container:  PlanktoniX Pond Cleaning Bacteria, 25 lbs. On Sale Now! Start Cleaning Your Pond Today. Takes Little Effort. The Benefits are Huge!