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Pond Aeration - Benefits of using a Pond Aerator Year-Round - Pond Aeration to Keep Your Pond Healthy and Fish Alive During the Winter and Year-Round

Posted by Pond Solutions on

We're in the middle of winter - do you have an aerator in your pond? If you don't, you may very well be poisoning your valued fish without knowing it!

Here's one of our most popular pond aerators for ponds up to an acre in size. It comes complete with weighted tubing, air diffuser, air compressor pump and all the clamps and valves you need. It pushes air up to 50 feet deep! It's a wonderful aeration system and it's on sale.

So, why do you need a pond aerator year-round? Why do you need it in the winter?

Whether you have fish or not, leaves and debris blow into your pond. Pond weeds and algae die and collect on the bottom of the pond. Fish poop, duck poop and every kind of organic debris collects on the bottom of the pond and cause sludge and muck to form. You've seen it - it's nasty! It's thick, black, goopy stuff that stinks and is absolutely terrible for any pond and for your valued fish!

This sludge and muck not only harbor bad types of bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc. in it but it also ROBS OXYGEN from your pond AND puts toxic chemicals in your water from it slowly decomposing. If you have fish that are dependent on that oxygen and they have no way to get that oxygen because the pond is frozen over with ice, then the fish will ultimately die; plain and simple - either from lack of oxygen and/or the toxic chemicals that build up from the sludge and muck. There are 2 things you can do to fix this.

First thing is - get yourself a pond aerator and use it year-round. Yep, every single day, 24 hours a day. If your air diffuser is properly placed, it can provide enough water movement as well, during the winter, and keep an area of ice from forming over the pond. This hole in the ice will allow an exit for the toxic gases to escape while providing an entrance hole for fresh oxygen to enter. Using a diffused pond aerator like this one will provide oxygen to the BOTTOM of the pond where the fish are.

The next thing you can do as soon as the ice is thawed is to start adding a great pond cleaning bacteria product like our PlanktoniX. We have spent months and months comparing this product to others on the market and hands down, it's the best product we've seen. It's safe, all-natural and VERY effective at decomposing waste! Do yourself a HUGE favor and start getting at that sludge and muck build up and decomposing it right away! If you don't start right away before you know it, that sludge and muck will be inches or even feet deep! Using the PlanktoniX along with a diffused pond aeration system is the best way to go.

So, if your pond has ice on it, it may not be too late. Get yourself the pond aerator you need before you have a large fish kill once the ice thaws. (A fish kill is when your pond has floating dead fish all over it because of poor water quality and/or not enough oxygen. It's awful!)

Here's the pond aerator I mentioned. Check it out. It can save you a lot of headache, heartache and money and works well year-round for many years. Super easy to put together, too.

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