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Beneficial Pond Bacteria Treatment

Use one of our beneficial pond cleaning bacteria treatment additives to your pond to clean it from sludge and muck while improving oxygen levels.  Our pond cleaning bacteria cleans ponds naturally and effectively without using harmful chemicals. 

Our PlanktoniX pond cleaning bacteria consists of millions and millions of beneficial bacteria cells that start eating dead, decaying organic matter such as fallen leaves, fish wastes, sludge, muck, pond slime, etc. right away.  This proprietary blend of bacteria can eat twice their weight of waste every minute and can double in number every twenty minutes!  This wonderful beneficial bacteria for ponds climbs up surface areas around submersed plants, plant baskets, filter pads and thrives while eating lots of organic wastes.  It's purely an all-natural product, is not a chemical and is safe for dogs, cats, fish, people, etc. to swim in treated areas. It can be used almost anywhere where there is excess organic wastes and in ponds and lakes there's always lots of muck, sludge and wastes to get rid of.  PlanktoniX won't attack or eat live tissue or living plants - so, no need to worry there.  It's practically invisible while it works but the results can be HUGE!

Other bacteria products work in the same fashion - eating wastes in the pond so you don't have to spend countless hours cleaning it.  Different bacteria strains are naturally found in nature and it's how large ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans keep themselves clean and is part of their natural eco-system.

View the video below to see how PlanktoniX works. 

For an excellent pond cleaning bacteria for large ponds and lakes, we recommend our PlanktoniX and our Microbe-Lift for smaller ponds and water gardens.  Both are available in a variety of sizes.

Start early in the season so you can really tackle your pond cleaning project with ease.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us.  Some products, like PlanktoniX pond cleaning bacteria, can be used several times the recommended dose for tough projects with a lot of build up and for many other uses and can save you a lot of money from having your pond dredged and other extraordinary and costly measures. 

We also have more info on how to clean your pond.