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Pond Cleaning Bacteria

If you have a pond that is over 10' x 10' in size, we recommend our PlanktoniX.  It's the #1 pond cleaner on the market and the bacteria eats twice their weight of wastes every minute and can double in number every 20 minutes.  All totally natural and super effective!  (See the reviews.  We have customers reporting over a 5000% waste reduction from using PlanktoniX.)   Available in 2 lb, 10 lb or 25 lb containers.  On sale now!

If your pond is smaller than 10' x 10' in size, we recommend Microbe Lift PL.  It's a great pond cleaner for small ponds.

There are many other pond bacteria products and cleaners within this category.  Feel free to browse through and shop. 

Even if you don't think you need to add pond bacteria to your pond, know that every pond needs it particularly those with fish.  The bacteria strains do many important things.  First - they decompose organic (biodegradable) wastes in the pond from dead aquatic weeds, fallen leaves, dead fish, blown in debris, muck, sludge, etc.  Next, they also decompose toxic ammonia from fish wastes (even their respiratory wastes) and turn those into useful substances.  Without beneficial pond bacteria nearly every living thing in the pond will die.  They're that important.

You can also improve the effectiveness of any pond bacteria by adding aeration to it via an aeration system or pump, fountain or other water feature.  This will not only add oxygen to your fish but more oxygen to the beneficial bacteria you're starting to colonize and grow to clean the pond 24/7.

Choose from the pond bacteria products below.  Again, we recommend PlanktoniX pond bacteria for large ponds and lakes and Microbe Lift PL for small ponds.