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Algae Control

How to Get Rid of Pond Algae

In a nutshell:  Pond algae needs two things to grow:  sunlight and nutrients. You can block the sunlight from entering the pond water by using an aquatic sunblocker or pond dye like Aquashade. This will also help reduce pond weed growth as pond weeds also need sunlight in order to grow.

You can reduce the nutrients in the pond thereby starving the pond algae by using a beneficial bacteria for ponds.  The good types of bacteria eat up the excess nutrients including: sludge, muck, dead pond weeds, uneaten fish food, fish wastes, etc.  The best product to use for large ponds and lakes over 50' x 50' in size or thereabouts is PlanktoniX. It has trillions of good types of bacteria in each treatment that work at eating up excess wastes and nutrients and helps to keep your pond clean. For small ponds and water gardens, we recommend using Microbe-Lift.