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Pond Supplies for Fish Ponds and Water Gardens

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Our pond supplies include everything you need for a fish pond or water garden no matter if it's a tiny backyard pond or many acres in size.  We have top of the line pond products and offer friendly, helpful advice.  We're happy to help you choose the pond products you need.

For instance - do you need help selecting a pump for your waterfall, pond or aquaculture fish rearing tanks?  We can help you.  Do you know what type of aerator to get or what type of features you need for your specific pond?  We can help with that, too.  Simply let us know the size of your pond, how many fish it has in it and their size, if possible and we can help you.

Did you know that you can have an aerator compressor hundreds of feet away from your pond while providing oxygen to your pond?  You don't always need to have electricity near your pond to provide aeration nor do you need to rely on unreliable windmill aerators for aeration, either.  Let us help you with that.

We have chemicals to combat a variety of pond weeds and algae.  We have natural solutions, too.  Simply contact us or read the information available on our website and that may answer your questions.  We have a lot of helpful information in our Pond Building and Maintenance section.

Top 12 Most Needed Pond Supplies

With a list of thousands of pond supplies we offer, it can be overwhelming what pond products you really need.  Here's a quick list of the top 10 most common pond supplies:1.  Pond liner - This seals in and holds the water.  They are fish-safe and comes in a variety of thickness and types offered.  Custom [...]

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Pond Supplies You'll Need After The Ice Thaws This Spring

Gosh, it's been a dreadful winter for most of the country.  California and Oregon is suffering from the drought while the rest of the mid west, southern and eastern states get stomped with unprecedented amounts of snow.  All of this makes going outside and driving it not very enjoyable for a lot of folks, but [...]

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