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Pond Cleaning Tips for the Spring and Summer

Posted by Pond Solutions on

The weather has begun to warm up and there's a million things to do in the yard.  Here's 2 of the most helpful, quick and easy things to do for your pond in the spring.

First thing: Start using your beneficial bacteria for ponds.  This natural bacteria product eats up sludge and muck in the pond.  The sludge and muck provides food for unwanted pond algae and weeds to grow, provides an environment for unhealthy bacteria, fungus and parasites to breed and grow and makes the overall health of the pond poor with the health of the fish at stake.  So, do yourself a favor and get a great beneficial bacteria product and use it faithfully throughout the season.  They usually take all of one minute or two to add and work for you 24/7 to create a healthy, clean pond.  We recommend PlanktoniX for large ponds and lakes which is available in several sizes and Microbe-Lift PL for small ponds and water gardens.  (Both are available in different sizes.)

Second thing:  Order new filter pads for your pond filtration system.  The older ones are probably beyond needing replaced and there's nothing like brand new filter pads to filter out unwanted debris, etc. in the pond which if left in the pond, simply adds to the muck and sludge on the bottom that continues to feed unwanted pond algae and weeds.

There you have it!  2 of the most simple, quickest and effective ways to clean your pond in the spring so you can enjoy it all season long. 

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