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Windmill Aerators

Use a windmill aerator to provide oxygen to your pond when your electrical source is too far away.  Keep in mind that windmill aerators only provide oxygen when there is ample wind.  The tower can be placed at a higher elevation, perhaps in a clearing where it can catch more wind.  To provde the best type of aeration for your pond, check out our diffused aerators.  Diffused aerators can provide oxygen all day, every day and year-round.  Given the right unit, the air compressor may be able to sit a few hundred feet away from the shoreline with air tubing running from the air pump to the diffusers that would be in the pond.  This is a great way to have dependable aeration in your pond. 

Our aerators' product description provide the information regarding size of pond they're recommended for.  This is typical for a setup where the air compressor pump is sitting near the shore.  For those applications where the air pump needs to be located a distance away, please contact us and we can recommend an aeration system for you.