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Seine Nets

Use a seine net to 'seine' out the fish in your pond.  Seining a pond typically involves two people.  One stands on one side of the pond and the other person, on the other.  Each person has the end of the stretched out seine net and walks from one end of the pond to the other thereby 'seining' or 'scooping' up the fish from the bottom to the top. 

When ordering your seine net, be sure to add a couple extra feet, if possible, for the depth of your pond.  For instance, if you have a 40' wide pond that is 4 feet deep, get a 6 feet deep seine net and one that is at least 45 feet long.  Better to give yourself a little extra room and depth than to have your fish swim past the net! 

To order the length of the seine net, simply adjust the 'quantity' in the shopping cart.  For this example, you would order '45' of whatever seine net you want and we'll include that as 45 feet in length, not 45 one foot pieces! :)