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Pond Chemicals

Our pond chemicals and pond treatment products including:  algaecides (kills pond algae), herbicides (kills pond plants and weeds) and many different water chemistry products, pond dyes, pond chemical surfactants (makes the chemicals stick to the pond weeds better instead of being washed off).  Some of these products are for adjusting water pH, improving water clarity, neutralizing chlorine, coloring the pond water so less sun gets filtered through, and many other uses.  Some chemicals are restricted in various states so be sure to find out what products are restricted in your area.  Be sure to check our 'How To' Guide to view the list of recommended treatments for various pond weed applications and their restrictions. 

If you're looking for something to reduce the algae naturally, check out our Beneficial Pond Bacteria such as Microbe Lift for small ponds less than 250 square feet or PlanktoniX for larger ponds and lakes.  Both are natural products and not considered a 'chemical' and are available in different sizes.

Please Note: The following states restrict the following EPA Registered Chemicals:

States: AK, CA, CT, ID, HI, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA.


Cutrine Plus Liquid
Cutrine Plus Granular
Cutrine Ultra
Aquathol Super K
Aquathol Liquid
Hydrothol 191 Granular
Shore Clear/AquaNeat

Alternative chemicals NOT EPA Registered that can be used in these states and elsewhere are:

Cygnet Plus
Cygnet Select

GreenClean is restricted in NY.

GreenClean Pro (SCGC50PRO) & GreenClean Liquid SCGCL5) are restricted in MA.

GreenClean Liquid is also restricted in NY, NJ, VT, and ME and can only be purchased and applied by a licensed applicator. If you are a licensed applicator, we need a proof of your license before shipping this product to you.

In cases where restrictions are not given in above chart, consult your State Conversation Commission or Fish and Game Department for specific restrictions.

Note: Copper sulfate is not included in this chart nor on our website as it is not recommended due to problems with copper build up in sediments and toxicity to aquatic organisms.