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Algae Control

In a nutshell:  Pond algae needs two things to grow:  sunlight and nutrients. 

Get rid of the nutrients from excessive pond wastes by using our PlanktoniX or Microbe Lift to remove the wastes and our Aquashade or Black Vail as an aquatic sunblocker to block sunlight from filtering through the pond water to your submersed pond weeds and algae.  Be sure to read the information below for the correct size of pond you have. 

If you want more in-depth explanation, please read the information below about your size of pond. 

If your pond is less than 50' x 50' in size and want to know how to control pond algae, click here!


If your pond is larger than 50' x 50' in size and you want to know how to get rid of and control pond algae and pond weeds, click here!


We also have a lot of information in our Pond Building and Maintenance Course and our FAQs(frequently asked questions) so take advantage of the information that is there as well!

Have a large pond or lake and need information about blue-green algae, toxic algae, algae diatoms, pond scum, duckweed and watermeal infestations and more?  Check out the information here.  Please note:   this information is for large ponds (about 1/4 acre or larger) or lakes (5 acres or larger).  Please see the link above if you have a small backyard pond.